"You've asked me to play a new game tonight when you come over. And I have to admit, if only to myself, that I am both nervous and incredibly turned on by the id .."

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New Game

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  • Oct 31, 2021 09:15:17 PM

You've asked me to play a new game tonight when you come over. And I have to admit, if only to myself, that I am both nervous and incredibly turned on by the idea. I check the bedroom one last time to make sure everything is perfect. Then I hear your knock at the door. I walk from the bedroom to let you in.
You give me a firm kiss as you walk in, pulling me tight against you and cupping my face in your hands. "Ah, ah," I say, "Who do you think is in charge here?" You grin sheepishly and admit you weren't sure if I was really going to try this.
"Oh no, I'm very willing to play your game with you,' I reply. "Let's just get a few things clear. What's your safe word tonight?" You're blushing as you ask if it's really neccessary. "Of course it is, even if only to add to the mood."
"Typewriter," you mumble.
"I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that. You're going to have to be very clear. "
"Typewriter," you say with a roll of your eyes.
"Good boy, follow me back to the bedroom now."
I lead you through the bedroom door and turn around to see your reaction to my preparations. Your eyes wide, you take in the stripped bed,  just a sheet and a single pillow, with the leather and sheepskin cuffs lying in the center. "Take off all your clothes," I demand, trying to get into character. "Fold them neatly and place them on the dresser." You do as you're told and I enjoy the sight of you following my orders.
"Who's in charge tonight?" I ask.
"You are."
"And you're going to do everything I tell you to, right?" I admire your body, thrilling at still being fully clothed while you're standing there nude.
You chuckle a bit, "Wow, you're really getting into this dominatrix thing, huh?"
"I really think I am, come over here and take my clothes off, start by kneeling on the floor and removing my shoes."
Soon enough you've stripped me of my heels, blouse and pants and I'm standing above you in just my black lace panties and bra. You try to run your hands up my legs, but I step back. "Not until I say so," I remind you. "In fact, no touching at all I think. Lay down on the bed." I kiss you gently as I tighten the first restraint around your wrist and attach it to the chain at the corner of the bed. Soon enough you're spread eagle, wrists and ankles firmly held by the soft leather.
The sight of you layed out before me is incredibly erotic. Your penis is already getting hard and I can't wait to torture you. I squeeze my breasts together through the lace of my bra and watch you inhale sharply.
"Hmm, where should I begin? Oh, I know!" I sit on the bench at the foot of the bed, legs wide, and begin gently rubbing my pussy through my underwear. Just soft gentle circles and strokes. You're staring at me, your dick getting firmer every moment. I run one foot along your calf and you startle at the touch.
Oh, I am enjoying this!  I reach behind my back and unclasp my bra, letting it fall while I rub and pinch my nipples to hard peaks. I moan and watch you jerk against your restraints in response. "You like watching me touch myself?" I ask you, "Maybe I should give you a better view."
I move from the bench and slowly peel off my damp panties. Taking a moment to run my fingers gently over the head of your dick. I give it a firm stroke and feel it getting harder in my hand. "You're going to make me cum with just your mouth now," I say as I straddle your face. My pussy is right there on your mouth, wet and glistening. I'm so ready to ride your face and cum all over your mouth and beard.
You lick your lips, pink tongue so close to where I need it. I sink down and feel the first brush of your mouth. It makes me moan and grab your hair. I'm going to ride your face, feel every soft graze, let you suck on my labia and thrust your tongue inside me.
Glancing down I see how hard you are, dick red and thrusting, precum just starting to leak from your tip. The sounds you make while lapping up my warm juices make me even wetter. I love the rough tickle of your beard in contrast with the gentle stroke of your tongue.
I grin wickedly as I run my fingers down your chest making you wriggle under me. Gently I tug on your chest hair and circle one nipple. You gasp against my vulva, so sensitive.
I've been ignoring your cock, but it's so pretty,  red and engorged, shiny. I lean over, making you whine as my pussy moves out of reach. I flick my tongue over your throbbing head and hear your intake of breath. You taste delicious and normally I'd open my mouth and pull you inside,  but not tonight.
Tonight, you want me to tease you. So I go back to gently running my fingers over your body. You are squirming delightfully under me. Trying to move your face closer to where my wet center hovers over you.
This is such a turn on for me and I move my hand back down to my spread lips. Sliding my fingers in and out, up and down, from my clit to my opening. Spread out and shining with my juices. I work myself to orgasm just inches from your face and you can see my muscles clenching, thighs shaking, cumming around my fingers.
"Do you like that baby? Do you like watching me get myself off while you can't do anything about it?"
You moan in response and I reward you with another teasing lick on your head, this time running my thumb over the sensitive underside. You whine beneath me, so I lean back and slide two wet fingers, shining with my cum into your mouth. I love the noise you make as you suck greedily at them.
I pull my fingers out of your mouth and run one nail down the tight seam of your scrotum. "They're so tight, it looks painful,  baby. Are your balls aching for me? Do you need to cum?"
"Yes," you reply, voice rough, "Please let me cum."
"I don't think you need to, not yet, " I  tease. "Plus, I've only cum the once."
I slide my hand back between my spread thighs, my pussy again inches from your face. From this angle, you can see my wet little cunt and tight ass hole, both shiny from my orgasm moments before. "I'm so hot, all I want it to sink down on your rock hard cock. I want to feel you throbbing inside me." I say, and you make the breatheiest little sound, somewhere between a moan and a cry. Fuck, that's so hot, I think.
"But, well, you're a little tied up right now, so I guess I'll have to make due with something else."
I pick up my favorite toy from the bedside table, but before I start to pleasure myself with it, I use my other hand to squeeze your cock. I've never seen it so hard, I can literally see your heartbeat making it twitch.
I switch on my toy and begin to massage my clit, making myself moan and writhe. You're panting beneath me now,  whining back in your throat, hips thrusting uselessly, cock a delicious weeping mess. I pinch the tip, kinda hard and I think you stop breathing. Then you're begging in earnest, "Please, fuck, I need it, please." It sounds like you're nearly in tears, and while I'm very fucking turned on, I do wonder if you're ok. I decide you've had enough torture for one night, although,  I'm very sure we'll play this game again, and soon.
I lean over, my toy still buzzing merrily against my clit, and breathe along your tip.
"Oh fuck, I'm gonna," you moan, and I plunge my lips down, sucking hard just in time, as you thrust up into my mouth, cumming harder and hotter then ever,  filling my mouth with your sweet load. Hitting the back of my throat, I can't even swallow it all, it's leaking out of my mouth, drooling down your length. Pooling on your stomach and tight balls.
Slowly, I move off of your heaving body, rolling off and up so I can look you in the eyes. I lean close and kiss you, making you taste yourself against your still panting lips.
"Hmm," I wonder aloud,  "Did you like it?"

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This sounds amazing

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Dark Phoenix

OMG I want every moment of this

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😳😳😳 mummy? Sorry mummy? Sorry 

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BABY RACH LOOK AT YOU! I’m so so proud of you you are fucking amazing! 

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 Yes please 😍😍

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Omg so good more please

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When are we doing this!?!? 😈

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OMFG. For me the only thing that could make this hotter  would be denying him and caging him until next time. But you know that from my profile pic !More please.      I especially love the bits that explain how you're getting turned on. And that you capture how this starts off as a male fantasy but ends better for the woman as she get to 10 to one or even higher on the orgasm ratio! Soooo hot and thank you. 

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Yes, Miss.

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Thank you all for your kind comments! I was really nervous to post this, but this community proved, yet again, how wonderful it is. 

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