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Lovense Life Code of Conduct

Community Guidelines

Welcome to Lovense Life! As a valued member of our platform, we kindly ask you to adhere to our code of conduct and community guidelines. By joining and using this community, you agree that you have read and will follow these guidelines, and Lovense’s Privacy Policy. These guidelines are regularly reviewed by our dedicated team of administrators and moderators, who may make updates as necessary to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.

At Lovense Life, we strive to create a space where users can comfortably engage in discussions related to sexual wellness and explore the connections within our vibrant community of Lovense users. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, and we want to assure you that we will never disclose your personal information to third parties for data analysis, marketing, or promotional purposes. As a precaution, we advise against sharing your real name, address, phone number, or control links for our apps in public posts.

To maintain the integrity of our community, our administration and moderation team diligently review all content posted on the site. If we come across any content that raises concerns and violates the terms outlined in this code of conduct or our community guidelines, we will promptly edit or remove it. In severe cases, further action may be taken to address the situation appropriately.

Language and Trolling

In our Lovense Life community, we maintain a strict policy that only adults aged 18 and above are eligible to participate. We believe in fostering an environment where users can freely express themselves using the vocabulary that best represents their comfort level. However, we do not tolerate offensive language, including any form of hate speech or discriminatory terms or phrases. Instances of inappropriate language will be promptly removed, and individuals responsible will be given a warning.

We kindly request that our members refrain from posting provocative, outrageous, or purposeless messages with the sole intention of eliciting responses from others, commonly referred to as "trolling." Persistent violators of this rule will face permanent banning from our community.

If it becomes evident that a user exhibits a consistently negative attitude towards constructive discussions and engages in confrontational behavior, they will be subject to a ban. We value the importance of tolerance towards diverse lifestyle choices within our community. We encourage our members to embrace open-mindedness and refrain from passing judgment or launching attacks on others based on their personal beliefs, as long as those beliefs are legal and consensual.

Users are expected to actively contribute to discussions, as this is the essence of a community-driven site. In other words, individuals who solely seek to argue or criticize without making meaningful contributions are not welcomed, as they detract from the overall purpose of our platform.


We cannot emphasize the importance of this enough: being on this site does not imply consent to any sexual correspondence or activity. This includes but is not limited to, sending explicit images or messages privately, using the sync function in the toy control interface, or taking control of the connected toy of a person who has picked up a shared link. We expect you to seek and be granted explicit consent before engaging in any of the listed activities.

Personal Attacks

To foster a positive and inclusive atmosphere within our community, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards personal attacks, bullying, doxing, insults, or threats. While discussions can sometimes become intense, it is essential to remember that this should never serve as an excuse to attack, insult, or threaten fellow users. Differentiating between engaging in passionate and respectful discussions versus delving into personal matters is crucial. We encourage our members to focus on debating the issues at hand rather than targeting individuals.

At Lovense Life, we believe in creating an environment where individuals can freely express themselves without the fear of facing recrimination from others. However, it is important to understand that such expressions should not infringe upon the rights or personal freedoms of others. When the line is crossed, the moderation team reserves the right to close the discussion. Violators will be issued warnings, and in severe cases, they may face potential banning from the community.

We encourage all members to engage in conversations with empathy and respect, recognizing the diverse perspectives and experiences that exist within our community. Let us work together to maintain a welcoming space where open dialogue thrives while upholding the values of mutual respect and understanding.

No Spam

To maintain the clarity, relevance, and usefulness of our community discussions, we strictly prohibit all forms of spam. This includes but is not limited to, posting irrelevant or promotional messages, excessive posts, or threads that disrupt the community dialogue. We value the quality of conversations within our community and encourage users to contribute in a meaningful and focused manner.

Engaging in spamming activities, such as sending unsolicited messages, sharing links or images inappropriately, or misusing designated areas of the site, is strictly against our guidelines. Users found to be spamming will receive a warning, and repeated offenses may result in a permanent ban from the community. Our moderation team retains the authority to edit or delete any posts deemed as spam. We kindly request all members to respect this guideline and ensure that their contributions genuinely add value to the community conversations.

Additionally, we discourage cross-posting. If you have content to share but are unsure of the appropriate board, please refrain from posting it in multiple locations. Our administrators and moderators are here to assist in ensuring your content finds the most suitable placement. If it is determined that your post would be better suited in another location, our team will move it accordingly. Duplicate threads often lead to confusion and are considered a form of spam. Let us work together to maintain a clear and organized platform for the benefit of our entire community.

Prohibition of Self-Promotion

We have strict guidelines in place regarding self-promotion within our community. It is important to note that posts intended for advertising one's personal interests, including the promotion of sexual services, products, or offering play for toys, are strictly prohibited. We value the exchange of unbiased and informative feedback related to sexual services and products.

Members are not permitted to promote their own websites or share links to sites or servers that they operate or have affiliations with. Additionally, posting any form of affiliate program link with referrer IDs or wish lists for external sites is not allowed. However, Lovense wish lists are permitted exclusively on user profiles. We want to maintain a space where discussions are centered around genuine experiences and insights, rather than self-promotion.

Any individual found to repeatedly violate these guidelines by posting promotional content will face permanent banning from the community. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in upholding these regulations, ensuring that our community remains a valuable and authentic resource for all members.

Phishing and Catfishing

At Lovense Life, we maintain a strong stance against phishing and catfishing practices. Phishing involves fraudulent attempts to deceive users by impersonating a trustworthy entity in order to acquire sensitive information. On the other hand, catfishing entails creating fictional online personas or impersonating celebrities to deceive others, often with the intention of exploiting them financially. We condemn these deceptive and harmful practices, and they are strictly prohibited within our community.

We are committed to maintaining a safe and trustworthy environment for all our members. Any users found to be engaging in phishing or catfishing activities will face immediate banning from our community. We encourage our members to remain vigilant and promptly report any suspicious activities to our dedicated moderation team. Safeguarding your personal information and exercising caution when interacting with others online is of utmost importance.

Remember, it is vital to prioritize your safety and the safety of all community members. By collectively remaining vigilant and promptly reporting any concerning behaviors, we can maintain an environment that fosters trust, respect, and genuine connections.

Personal Pictures

As a part of our commitment to ensuring a safe and respectful environment, we have established guidelines regarding the posting of personal pictures on our site. The sharing of explicit, pornographic, offensive personal pictures or pictures of third parties, is not permitted anywhere on the site. Any pictures found to violate this rule will be promptly removed.

To maintain privacy and promote responsible online interactions, we highly recommend that you limit the sharing of personal pictures to private messages and only with the explicit consent of all parties involved. By following this practice, you can exercise greater control over the distribution of your personal images while respecting the boundaries and consent of others within our community.

These guidelines are in place to prioritize the well-being and privacy of our members. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in upholding these standards, and we are committed to fostering a positive community experience for all.

Profile Picture Guidelines

When selecting a profile picture, we kindly request that you do so with thoughtfulness and respect for the standards of our community. It is important to note that explicit, pornographic, or offensive imagery is strictly prohibited as profile pictures. This includes any content that depicts graphic sexual material, violence, or any form of hateful imagery or symbolism. While we do not categorize images showing nipples as inherently explicit or pornographic, we expect all profile pictures to adhere to the overall guidelines.

Furthermore, it is essential to avoid using misleading or impersonating images that may deceive others within the community. Violations of these guidelines will result in the immediate removal of the inappropriate profile picture, along with a warning. Repeat offenders may face potential banning from the community. Our moderation team retains the right to moderate and remove any image that is deemed inappropriate.

Remember, your profile picture serves as an introduction to the community. We encourage you to select an image that represents you respectfully and appropriately. By adhering to these guidelines, we can create a welcoming and inclusive environment where all members feel comfortable and respected.

Cartoon Imagery / Hentai

We would like to emphasize that the use of anime/cartoon pornography that portrays childlike behaviors or attributes is strictly prohibited within our community. Such content will be promptly removed. Additionally, anime/cartoon pornography depicting bestiality is also prohibited and will be removed. In both cases, the user responsible will be contacted and provided with an explanation and warning.

We kindly request that all members keep in mind that Lovense Life was specifically created to enjoy Lovense toys and foster a community centered around this purpose. It is important to respect the intended focus of our platform and refrain from using it as a means to explore personal kinks or engage in explicit content that goes beyond the scope of our objectives.

By upholding these guidelines, we strive to create a safe and enjoyable environment where all members can engage in meaningful discussions and experiences related to Lovense toys. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a positive atmosphere within our community.

Forbidden Content

We want to remind you that any mention of illegal material or promotion of illegal actions in the United States is not allowed and will result in an immediate ban. If the content is particularly severe, it will be reported to local law enforcement. This includes but is not limited to, material, links, or comments that reference children, non-consensual sexual acts, or discriminatory content. Let's keep our community safe and positive!

Your Account

We have a policy in place that strictly prohibits the creation of multiple accounts per individual. Each member is expected to maintain a single account within our community. It is important to note that if we discover the existence of multiple accounts belonging to the same individual, all associated accounts will be subject to immediate banning.

In the event that you forget your password, we provide a password recovery tool to assist you. By using this tool and having access to the email associated with your account, you will be able to reset your password. If, despite these measures, you are still unable to log in, please reach out to our administrators for further assistance.

We are committed to ensuring a secure and reliable login process for all our members. By following these procedures, you can regain access to your account and continue to participate in our community.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns regarding your account, please do not hesitate to contact our administrators. We are here to support you and help resolve any account-related issues you may encounter.

Moderators and Administrators Have the Final Word

If you encounter an issue or have a complaint, kindly address it to our administrators or moderators instead of posting it on the public boards. We will take appropriate action. We reserve the right to ban flagrant violators, with or without prior warning, if necessary. If you are unable to reach our administrators or moderators for any reason, kindly visit our website. www.lovense.com/contact.


If you encounter any technical issues or require support regarding your account or Lovense products, please visit www.lovense.com/contact. If your issue is specifically related to Lovense Life, please select the appropriate category from the "What can we help you with?" dropdown menu. Failing to do so may result in a delay in addressing your inquiry.

We encourage users to provide honest and constructive feedback regarding our products. Posts that offer potential solutions to common issues may be promoted and pinned for greater visibility. For topics related to product issues, please post them in the "Interactive Toys" topic under the subcategory of "Lovense". Posts that are not placed in the correct topic or subcategory will be relocated to the appropriate location.

While we understand that product-related issues can be frustrating, we will not tolerate abusive comments directed at the company or Lovense staff members, including moderators and administrators. Instead, kindly notify us of the issue(s) you are experiencing, and we will promptly investigate with the aim of providing a public solution whenever applicable.

Your feedback is highly valued, and we strive to utilize it to enhance the user experience of our products and services. This forum also serves as a platform for experienced users to share helpful tips and advice that may expedite the resolution of any issues you may be facing.

We kindly request that you adhere to the aforementioned guidelines when posting on our message boards. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our moderator team. Above all, remember to enjoy your time here!


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