"If you've read my profile then you know what I say about 'getting between my ears'. If you aren't sure about what I mean, then please continue reading, I think .."

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Squirm Files 23-02- Between My Ears ...

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  • Jan 22, 2023 08:33:21 AM

If you've read my profile then you know what I say about "getting between my ears".  If you aren't sure about what I mean, then please continue reading, I think this story will show you EXACTLY what I mean.
This story starts with a treasured playmate that I've known for a little while.  He's very patient and very observant.   Our conversation hasn't always been smooth, there's always that period of learning each other's quirks and kinks.  We may have stepped on each other's toes a bit, but we continued to have honest dialog and in the process we learned more about each other.  Patient.  Not only was he listening and paying attention to what I was saying, but he was also watching me ... he watched how I interacted in groups ... he saw me in Kinky Chat and paid attention to what gifs caught my attention... to what gifs I posted.  Observant.  Collars, leashes and tails have been an ongoing fascination of mine and have come up in conversation more than once.   I don't actually have any of these items but I do find them all so very intriguing.  The subbie in me just luvs the thought of having to be at arm's length ... that I need to be kept close by ... because I'm that desired ... that needed.  Maybe also kept on a short leash because if I'm left to my own devices, I'm likely to be lured away by something else that peaks my curiosity.
As you probably know, I'm from sunny Southern California, this particular playmate of mine lives somewhere in Europe - I won't say specifically where - he certainly knows who he is!  For the record, I always ask permission before writing about any of my experiences or interactions. 
One day, in play, we were fantasizing about what might happen if I were to take a trip across the pond for a visit.  It was fun to talk about the "what ifs" and all the naughty fun that we imagined we might get in to.  Much to my delight, the very next day, my friend was very excited to tell me about a dream he had the night before ... now, truth be told, he awoke from his dream before it could come to a satisfactory conclusion, BUT this is when I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that he was firmly between my ears ... because it was very easy for me to just allow my imagination to run wild and to take the dream/fantasy to where it needed to go.  Can you tell where the dream ends and the fantasy begins?
I ring the doorbell, standing on the front porch, carrying nothing but a small overnight bag.  There's definitely a chill in the air and I pull my trench coat tighter around my body, not sure if the shiver I felt was from the cold or from the nervous anticipation I have from having traveled over 5000 miles to meet this complete stranger that I have had such intimate conversations with.  Seems like forever, but it's not.  Sir opens the door without a word, and steps aside, and I know that he expects me to cross the threshold.  I step into his warm home and I take in the dim lighting, the lit candles scattered across the space; I can hear soft music playing from an adjacent room.  After taking my bag and setting it aside, Sir steps behind me and takes my coat as I untie the cinch and lift it from my shoulders.  He doesn't seem surprised at all to see that I'm not wearing a stitch of clothing underneath.   I lower my eyes to the floor and I notice a small, white, fur-like rug off to the side of the door and I instinctively drop to my knees, as gracefully as I can, eyes still lowered, palms up on my thighs.  Just waiting.  Not a word has been spoken, and yet I feel like I'm hanging on every word.  I feel him brush the hair off of my neck, and incredibly, I feel even more exposed than I already am, kneeling naked before him.  I feel him step around me,  standing directly in front of me.  With the gentlest of pressure, he lifts my head by the chin so that I can see the collar that he's holding in his other hand, "May I?"  Although I wanted to speak, I couldn't form the words.  All I could do was to simply nod my head.  Quickly, deftly, the soft, buttery, black leather was wrapped around my neck.   I could feel it, as it tightened, and I felt Sir secure the clasp.  He ran his finger between the collar and my neck to ensure it wasn't too tight.  These small gestures remind me that I am safe in his hands and that my well-being is of utmost importance to him.  He hands me a mirror so that I can see how it looks on my neck, and he turns on his heel and goes to sit in a chair across the room.  I hold the mirror up in my left hand, as I take my right hand and run my fingers along the edge of the collar.  It was tight enough that I could never forget it was there.  It is a beautiful collar -  beautifully crafted, luxurious even.  On the front was an O ring that reminded me that I could be tethered to just about anything Sir desired.  With that thought in mind, I look up to see Sir staring at me from across the room.  In his left hand, he is loosely grasping a chain link leash, his right hand tapping his right knee slowly,  I knew he wanted me to crawl over to him.  I can feel my hips sway as I crawl to him, on all fours, locking eyes and holding his gaze as I slowly make my way over to him.  I position myself squarely between his legs, and I sit back on my heels, looking up at him - making sure he can clearly see the collar that now adorns my neck.  "Good girl!", he whispers.  I wonder if he understands how profoundly his words affect me.  He slips his forefinger into the O ring of my collar and he pulls me toward him, fastening the leash securely to my collar.  He releases my collar, but keeps a firm grip on the leash.  He stands from his seat, gently tugs on the leash and says "Shall we little one? You must be hungry from your journey, let's have a bite to eat before I have you for dessert."  Sir then leads me to the dining room, I couldn't quite see what was on the table but I did see a similar white, furry rug set on the floor to the left of the only chair at the dining room table.  I knew where I needed to be.  I knelt on the small white rug and was pleased at how comfortable it was.  I also noticed a small hook on the table where Sir secured the handle of my leash, freeing his hands to take a strawberry from the table and feed it to me.  He continued to feed me from his hand a variety of tasty treats... I couldn't help but try to catch his finger from time to time ... a lick of my tongue, a grazing of my teeth ... it gave a whole new meaning to the term "finger food."  Once we had our fill, Sir cleared the table of the few dishes and looked at me greedily and said "Time for dessert, up on the table little one, I'm about to make a feast of your juicy, wet pussy."  Just hearing him say that to me made my pussy cream just a little.  I obediently sit on the edge of the table, he places his hand on my chest, gently pushing me back; making me lay on the table.  His hand trails down to my nipple, his forefinger tracing the outline of my areola.  Then taking my nipple between his thumb and forefinger, rolling it back and forth - pinching and pulling.  I can't help but gasp.  My nipples are so sensitive.  His hands continue downward, bending my legs at the knees, planting my feet at the corners of the table, spreading my legs wide, exposing my dripping wet pussy to his eyes, to his fingers, to his lips, to his tongue ... completely at his mercy.  I close my eyes, holding my breath without even realizing it.  Waiting.   Anticipating.   I feel the tickle of his beard on my inner thighs, his warm breath on my pussy.  I start to squirm, rolling my hips, trying to get his mouth on me ... instead I get a quick, hard slap on my pussy.  "Stop squirming!  You do not dictate.  Do you understand? "  "Yes Sir", I whisper.  I take a deep breath and melt into the table.  Again I feel the tickle of his beard, I have to focus on my breathing so I don't start squirming again.  I feel a soft kiss on my thigh, a nibble at my pussy lips, then the firm, wet pressure of his tongue, licking me from top to bottom.  It takes all of my self-control to not just grind my pussy into his mouth.  He uses his tongue to part my pussy lips and gently suck my clit straight into his warm, wet mouth.  I feel my pussy just start to weep - craving his touch, quivering with pent-up desire, just waiting to explode.  He slips two fingers deep into my pussy - stroking me, toying with me ... scissoring his fingers in my pussy - stretching me.  I can hear how wet I'm getting, I can feel my juices flowing - dripping down my ass crack.  Suddenly, I feel a finger at the bud of my asshole and in the finger slides ... straight to the knuckle before it can register in my mind what is happening.  I can feel my body tense up with the new intrusion and then Sir starts nibbling and sucking on my clit, as if his life depended on it.  I'm overwhelmed with all the different sensations - writhing, moaning, squirming uncontrollably.  And then he stops ... and all I can do is whimper with need and want.  "What's wrong Little One?", he coos.  "Nothing Sir.", I stammer -  I trust that he knows what I NEED ... even when I know what I want.  I'm going over everything that has happened so far in my mind ... wondering if I've done anything to displease him, and I can't think of what I might have possibly done to make him want to stop.  "I almost forgot that I have another gift for you, Pet."  His thumb now circling my hard, little clit.  "I want you to wait, right here.  Do not move, while I go get it".  And just like that he is gone.  I immediately feel his absence.  I feel so exposed, so vulnerable - laying naked on this man's dining room table - with my legs spread and my pussy dripping, over 5000 miles away from home.  My mind is racing, I have no idea what he might be getting.  The collar and leash were already such a pleasant surprise.  I hear him reenter the room, but I dare not lift my head to try and see what he brings.  I remember very specifically Sir telling me NOT to move.  So I lay there quietly, patiently, trying desperately to obey,  to earn his favor.  "What a sweet, good girl you are - waiting so patiently for me.  You definitely deserve this".  And then I feel something very soft dance across my stomach, up between my breasts.  It's so soft, it almost tickles.  My eyes flutter open and I see the fullest, most beautiful, jet-black tail before me.  It must be at least 36 inches long and so full -  I've never seen a more beautiful tail ever.  "Do you like?", he quietly asks me.  "Oh yes, Sir ... I do!"  I exclaim, I can barely contain my excitement.  "Excellent, my sweet pet.  Now open your mouth and keep this plug wet and warm while I fill your sweet, tight asshole with my hot cum.  Once you are overflowing with my load, I am going to seal your cum-filled ass with this tail plug so you can feel me deep inside you.  You will sleep in my bed, plugged and full of my cum ... and when we wake, a protein-rich breakfast down your throat before I take that sweet pussy.  Sound good, Pet?"  All I  can do is look wide-eyed at Sir and nod slowly, as I open my mouth to keep the 2 inch metal plug warm and wet, as I was told to do - thinking of all the devilishly delicious delights that await me at the hands of this man ... this man who has been so firmly between my ears and is now so firmly between my legs.

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Wow what a very sexy read... Love your posts... Just recently discovered then and need to go back and read through the series 😍🔥🥵

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Just wow. A pleasure to read. I am fascinated by your fantasies. This man is a very luck guy. 🥰😍😘

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Fantastic read! Thank you for sharing such your exquisite, artistic and delicious writing.

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Excellent writing. Did you climax as you wrote?

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