"The girl was heading off to meet her man for the very first time.. They had spoken via dms and phone calls for months. But today was the day they would finally .."

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The girl was heading off to meet her man for the very first time.. They had spoken via dms and phone calls for months. But today was the day they would finally meet. 

He had sent her a package and in it was a very special lingerie set from Bordelle. A amazing grey bondage set that you only dreamt about buying.

 And the note said: Please wear this, and sign this letter agreeing to the following:

1. You will be mine for the next 3 days until the 26/5/23

2. You will be looked after by me and will serve me and do as I say for the duration. I will care for you and make sure there is plenty of aftercare and drinking and cuddling.

3. Your safe word is dragronfruit.

4. Sign it and hold the signed contract up while wearing the lingerie set I picked for you, and send me a picture of acknowledgment.

I did so and the set made me feel so sexy, warm and my heart race. Knowing that he would be excited and pleased with my behaviour. I sent it and waited for further instructions.

He sent me a dm saying meet me at the hotel lobby we are staying at in 1 hour wearing everything and a big coat.

My heart pounded, and I waited 59 minutes and went down to the lobby. How do I know what he looked like, he was tall, dark haired and tanned.

I saw a man standing there with a baby pink collar in his hand, surely that was him. He was staring at me, so I approached. My heart raced, my legs wobbled and my pussy dropped.

He said hello, and gave me the baby pink leather collar. Quickly securing it around her throat by a buckle. The band felt against my skin causing me to shiver again.

Instantly feeling more in his control, surrendering to him fully the moment she hands him the pink leather handle of her leash. Whimpering once she felt the tug of the leash, moving her to follow behind him, heeling like a good pet should for their Owner. "Heel babygirl. Stay close to daddy, it could be busy inside.." Biting upon her lower lip she replied with a soft toned "Yes daddy". Keeping her head down while she was walked into the elevator and they went up to the 23rd floor.

Daddy circled his girl, inspecting her properly now alone. She could feel her chest expanding as breathing became almost a struggle from just being in daddy's Masterful presence. Nibbling on her lower lip softly with head down. All of a sudden she felt a smack to the back of her upper thigh and let out a moan. Looking at Daddy in surprise.

He spoke in a stern voice "Dont let Daddy catch you biting those lips princess... they are too precious to damage" A bad habit she had when nervous, she knew right away she had done wrong. Eyes lowered "Yes daddy, forgive me" she replied in a submissive tone. With a nod of approval he continued to inspect her. Slapping the inside of her thighs lightly, she whimpered and shuffled her feet farther apart. She knew right away what he wanted. His taps and smacks upon her flesh were a silent command for her to display herself. She could feel his fingertips tracing over every curve of hers. Lightly tickling over her smooth wet, lower lips. 

The time had come for playtime to begin. Daddy had become very serious now. Completely in his Dominant mindset. She watched him lay out toys on the table in the room, not that she could see much. Relying on sound to determine what was in store for her today. Hearing noticeable difference in tone as items were placed out so she could guess what most items were. Some sounded heavy, others made hardly any sound at all. Daddy was laying out floggers, canes, ropes, a blindfold, a crop, a few dildos and anal plugs.

 "Now today babygirl, daddy is going to work on your training some more. And if you are a good girl, and do as you are told.. you will get a treat. Do you understand?" Softly nodding her head in response she answered him "Yes daddy, i understand" He smiled and softly stroked his hand against the side of babygirl's blushing cheek "Good girl. And do you trust Daddy completely? You know daddy would keep you safe and never harm you?"

Again she nodded her head quickly. This time with more enthusiasm "yes Daddy, i trust you completely, without fear or doubt" This made Daddy smile a lot "Good girl.. then we will begin"

Stand babygirl... come and lay yourself across this table. Hands by your side and dont move." Daddy's voice was so stern, so dominant that she hurried across to the table.

Good girl" could be heard from behind her. Then she felt him. His fingers tracing over the arch of her spine. Tickling down her back. She whimpered and started to wiggle. There was a sharp smack that landed on her ass cheek. Babygirl yelped in surprise. Daddy was lethal with his hands. Every time he spanked it left a sting behind. "I said don't move young lady! Don't make me punish you princess" she could tell from his tone she had done wrong. Closing eyes she replied "yes Daddy, im sorry!"

She could hear daddy moving around. Assuming he had walked to the toys. Selecting the torture device to use on her first. She let out a gasp as she felt the ends of rope tickle over her back. She knew her fate now. Why daddy had told her to keep hands at her side. "Relax.. you trust daddy yes?" she nodded with a tiny whimper. "yes daddy i trust you."

Now the fun began. Daddy started to use the rope to wrap around babygirl's slender wrists. Her arms pulled up behind her back now. Securing her in place. Arms completely tied behind her. The rest of the rope feeds around the table.. securing and binding her to it. She had nowhere to go now. And would not be able to squirm away from whatever daddy has planned for her.

Lift your head babygirl" Doing as she was told she quickly lifted her cheek off the padded leather surface. Bright large eyes look up at her Daddy. A look of helplessness within those glistening gems. Daddy smiled down at his bound little slut. A delicate little moan escaped her parted lips. Daddy pulled out a long strip of black silk fabric. The smile turning more into a grin. Babygirl gulped. "No peeking little one" Daddy said in a teasing fashion. Securing the soft fabric around her. Blocking her eyes. Shrouding her in darkness. Listening now to the sound of his breathing, his footsteps that circled her.

The nerves in her belly felt like a swarm of butterflies were fluttering about. Nibbling on her lower lip again. Yelping as a sudden sting strikes across her backside. The impact surprised her more than hurt her. Barely composed before another lash strikes at meaty flesh. Another and another. The feelings intensified while bound and blinded. "I told you not to bite your lip, young lady... now Daddy has to punish you"

She flinched and held back the tears after each flogging came down upon her backside. Pale, peachy skin soon ebbed in a hue of rose. Hot to touch. Daddy was very skilled with his toys. "I'm sorry daddy!! I'm sorry" she cried out. That little voice straining. The silken strip saturated by fallen tears. It was hard to make out what daddy was using. It felt thin, leaving long striped welts across her chunky ass. Suddenly it stopped. He must of lashed her at least 10 times. She wasn't exactly counting. She heard daddy walk across the room. His footsteps sounded determined. Soon she felt him force a rubber ball gag into her mouth. "Maybe this will teach you, little girl, not to bite and damage those pretty lips that are MINE."

Whimpering as the ball stuffed her mouth, muffling her sounds she groaned in response. "Good girl" Daddy replied. "Now i hope i don't have to punish you again today little girl." Shaking her head this time. "good girl" as he praised his babygirl she could feel his hand softly stroke over the welts on her backside. Making sure she was ok before he continued. His hand slipped down between open thighs. Touching over smooth pussy lips "Mmmm my girl is wet isn't she? Very nice" She started to squirm in her binds. His touch like electricity against her.

His fingers roamed over what he owned. Daddy's pussy.. his toy to play with whenever and however he wanted. Muffled moans filled the room. The blindfold hiding it but she enjoyed every second. The string hanging from a soaking wet hole now saturated in slut juices. Daddy tugged on it. "Daddy wants to taste you little one... so juicy.. like ripe fruit..

Babygirl was a withering mess already. Wriggling within the ropes while Daddy teased her with his fingers. Finger's flexed as hands balled up into fists with a very loud gasp. Daddy's hot breath kissed at that wet slit. The sweet intoxicating aroma of her arousal emitting from between moist thighs with each little wiggle and squirm. The ball gag barely silencing her once Daddy's warm slippery tongue flicked its way from that sweet little hole, down to her clit. Suckling upon the throbbing pearl. Hearing from between her thighs "Mmm babygirl you taste divine. Don't you dare cum until Daddy says you can! I don't want to have to punish you again"

Her body language tensed at his words. Clinching every muscle to resist the urge to cum. Listening to daddy enjoy his meal. Feasting upon her pussy like it was his last meal. Daddy loved to tease his girl... bringing her to the brink of cumming them pulled away. Keeping her on edge. "Such a good girl for Daddy.. You want to cum don't you? You want to cum for your daddy.." She cried out in response once more, Nodding her head fiercely. Desperate to cum, she needed to. Feeling like she was about to explode. Mumbling over the rubber ball that made her drool around it. Whimpering incoherent begging and pleading to her daddy to show her mercy. To let her release for the man that owned her entire being.

Fingers tickle and rub across her slit once more. Daddy determined to drive his slut mad. "Not yet princess. Hold it" Crying desperately towards him he answered her by slipping a finger inside of the wet, tight walls of her pussy. Caressing and exploring the insides of his property "you're beautiful my girl" Pushing another finger, then another until daddy had three inside of her. Stretching open that precious fuck hole. "Listen to that babygirl..." slowly wiggling those digits inside. The sound of her juices squelch and get louder "You're dripping wet.. daddy's nasty girl" Fingering her hard and fast. Milking nectar from within. Violently she shook. Bucking in the ropes. She couldn't take it anymore. Daddy was going to make her explode. Milking the backside of her clit. Then she heard those sweet words of release "Cum babygirl. Cum for daddy"

What Men Like What Women Like In Bed
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Caught my eye 👀 good read! 

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