"So what happens now?' I ask. Off my high of arousal from the night before I begin to realize how bad this situation might get for me. 'Depends.' 'On what?' I as .."

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  • May 29, 2023 02:51:26 AM

So what happens now?" I ask. Off my high of arousal from the night before I begin to realize how bad this situation might get for me.


"On what?" I ask in a shaky voice.

"How far do you want them to go?"

"What?" I wasn't expecting her to differ to me on any decision here.

"I had my fun last night, but I'm not actually going to keep you in chastity against your will. If you want me to give you your keys back, I will and we'll just keep this as our little secret."

"But what if I want you to hold them?"

She brings her face closer to mine and seductively whispers in my ear in a voice that makes my cock throb in its cage "Then I will," I moan out loud at her promise.

"You said your ex was into this stuff?" I ask trying to maintain my grip on reality. She nods, giving me a questioning stare. "Where you a cruel dominant?"

"Would I have given you a chance to get out if I was cruel?"

I shake my head "No."

"If you let me keep your keys, I will not do anything you don't want me to. But we will make a list of things you will allow me to do, and I will do any of those things at any time."

"Will I ever be allowed to cum?"

"Probably more often than you expect."

"Please keep my keys," I plead looking her in the eyes.

"Good boy," she kisses me. "Go take a shower and then we'll talk about your limits," she reaches up and releases my cuffs.

My arms fell asleep because they were cuffed for so long but she gently lifts them up and lets me regain feeling by wiggling my fingers. She helps me off the bed as the pins and needles go away and smirks as I begin walking to the bathroom.

When I came out of the bathroom, Kaitlyn was sitting at the table, still in her teddy but she looked much less cruel now than she initially did. I pulled out the chair across from her and sat down, unable to avoid staring at her pretty face and magazine worthy smile.

"Well, what things do you like?" I ask.

"I want you to go first. You don't have any experience with this and I don't want you to feel pressured into anything I've enjoyed before." I nod, understanding her viewpoint. "So tell me, what do you want to try, what is too far, and what are you open to."

"Well I think you know what I think about chastity," I chuckle, not being able to put any other thoughts together. She giggles and smirks.

"I liked being tied up, but I think leaving me overnight was a little cruel," I say and pause trying to guage a reaction out of her.

She nods "Yeah your arms looked like they took a while to wake up earlier. I won't do that again."

Almost two hours later, we had discussed everything either of us could think of and agreed on our boundaries.

She stood up and extended her arm out to me, beckoning me to come with her. She brings me over to her mystery bag. I kneel as she goes through it, looking for something.

"Fast learner," she chuckles. "I like that."

She pulls out 4 velcro straps, which I can't decipher the purpose of. I patiently watch until she walks over to her bed and begins tying them around each post.

She walks back over to me and lowers her face, so she's almost eye to eye with me on my knees.

"That's how I'm going to tie you up tonight," she smirks and traces her toes over my cage. "How you do right now decides whether that will come off or not." She states, sliding one hand into my hair and unzipping the bottom of her teddy.


She left about an hour later but wouldn't tell me where she was going. My mind raced as I waited anxiously for her to come back but, I didn't want to dwell on it too much. I dozed off on my bed about a half hour after she left.

When I woke up she still hadn't come back, she had left about two hours earlier. I walked around the room, stopping to stare at the restraints she had put on her bed.

After a few minutes of staring at them, I decided to just sit down and watch a movie in an attempt to get my current situation off my mind. Each female character in the movie made my cock twitch in its cage as I realized how much control she had taken from me.

About halfway through the movie she texted me.

"Tie yourself up."

I didn't have time to think twice before I turned the movie off, stripped, and ran over to her bed, strapping my legs to the bottom corners. I reached for one of the wrist cuffs before stopping. Did she want me to find a way to tie both of my wrists? I looked at the cuffs trying to think of a way I could tie both arms together. Eventually I remember the handcuffs she used earlier. I untie my legs and run over to the table that they're still resting on.

I jump back on the bed and strap my legs back into their restraints. I cuff one of my wrists before reaching my hands above the headboard. I take a deep breath as I close the second cuff.

After only a few minutes, Kaitlyn walks in the door. She walks past the bed, ignoring me before I hear her putting some bags down. She walks over to the side her bed, smiles at me but doesn't say anything. She begins to strip right in front of me still without speaking. Eventually she's in just her panties, staring at my naked form. She slides her panties off and stuffs them in my mouth and smirks at me. She reaches into the top drawer of her nightstand and pulls out a blindfold, sliding it over my eyes and then I hear her walk away still without saying anything to me.

I think I hear her walk into her closet and begins shuffling things around but I can't really tell what. My curiosity is peaked when I feel her weight sit on the bed next to me.

She leans down and whispers in my ear "Got nice and dolled up to take you. Are you ready to see the dom of your dreams?" she asks squeezing my biceps with her hand "or maybe the dom of your nightmares."

She runs one of her hands up my thighs, over my cage and over my stomach, stopping at my chest. "Are you going to be a good boy?" she asks, making me whine into my pantie gag. She sharply pinches my nipple and asks me again, more seriously. "I said 'are you going to be a good boy?'" I nod and squirm as she holds my nipple between her nails. She finally releases my nipple and slides one finger under the blindfold.

She slides the blindfold off of my eyes and stands up. My eyes widen as I see the hottest sight of my life.

She is wearing a black leather crop top, matching leather pants with a zipper over her crotch. Her nails are painted a menacing shade of red and she has a key resting in her cleavage.

She smirks as I repeatedly stare her up and down and struggle in my bonds. The bonds I put myself in. She climbs on top of me, and runs her hands all over my upper body.

She pulls her panties out of my mouth and kisses me just as passionately as she had the night before.

After a few minutes she pulls away to catch her breath. "You look so fucking sexy," I say, unable to stop staring at the key in between her breasts.

"You look good too, I didn't think you'd be able to completely tie yourself up. It was so hot to come in and see you completely helpless to my whims," she gives me another soft kiss "I think the fact that you managed it will earn you a reward."

She takes the key out of her cleavage and dangles it over my face. "Do you have any guesses what this goes to?"

"My cage?"

"What cage?" she giggles.

"My chastity cage."

"Which chastity cage, maybe you have more than one."

"The chastity cage I'm wearing and you have the key to!" I whine as she giggles and traces my nipple with her finger.

"That's right, this is one of the keys to your cock," she slides the key over her lips. "The one that I'm keeping. Haven't decided what I'll do with the other two keys you gave me. But we'll figure it out."

"Are you going to unlock my cage," I whimper as my cock continues to strain in its prison.

"Haven't decided yet." She leans down, until our faces are mere inches apart. "All I know is that caged or not, I am going to tease you like crazy."

She lifts her body up and stares down at me, unzipping her pants over her crotch. I look up at her, knowing what's about to happen as she continues to run her finger over my key. She squeezes my head between her thighs and lowers herself onto my face.

I have no idea how long I was licking her but I know she came at least three times and my face was covered in her juices when she finally got off of me.

She sits on my chest and wipes her juices off my face and feeds them to me. "You have such a talented tongue. Anything else you want to stick inside me," she smirks holding out my key. She leans down, with her fingers still in my mouth, until we're almost nose to nose "I know you want that cage to come off. I know you want me to tease and edge you like crazy," she shoves her fingers further into my mouth until I almost gag on them. "Beg for it."

I plead with my eyes as she plays with my nipples and holds her fingers almost in my throat. I begin to gag and squirm when she pushes her fingers deeper. She mercifully removes her fingers and allows me to catch my breath. She holds out the key once again, in front of my face. "Do you like it pet, the sign of your submission." Without thinking I nod and tell her how sexy she is. "Kiss it," she smirks holding the key slightly above my lips.

"Just because I unlock you, doesn't mean you're going to cum," she goes over to one of her mystery bags," pulling something out. "Do you understand?" she asks walking back over to me.

"Yes Goddess," I nod and she stuffs a ball gag into my mouth.

"Good boy," she smirks. "You would not believe how many ways I have to tease you after my little shopping spree." She leans down and bites my lip over the gag. After I begin to whimper she finally lets go of my lip and turns her attention to my straining cock.

Without saying a word she kisses the cage and then slides her key into the padlock and removes the padlock from the cage, and takes the cage off.

My cock instantly grows to its full length, begging for attention as she smirks it. I try begging her to touch it but the gag prevents any real words from coming out, just some needy noises.

"Do you want me touch it?" she deviously smirks. "Do you want me to suck it and fuck it and make it cum?" I vigorously nod as she teases me by scissoring her pussy.

She leans down and kisses the tip of my cock as I groan in need. She runs a single finger from base to tip of my cock before she looks at me "I wonder. Could I make you cum just from kissing your cock?"

She kisses my tip a few more times which only makes my cock twitch and throb. She then takes two fingers and wipes them over my leaking tip, collecting some pre cum. She then uses it as lube as she strokes me up and down with just two fingers, a wonderful yet agonizing feeling as she blows air on my sensitive dick.

After only a few minutes my cock is almost covered in pre cum. She finally takes her fingers off my cock and sucks them clean. "What would you like me to do now?" she smirks leaning on her elbow and rubbing my chest. "I could suck your hard cock," she smugly states. "Would that be something you're interested in?" she bites her lip. "Or I could fuck you. Or I could just tease you some more," she pinches my nipples. "Whatever you want, you have to beg for it," she whispers in my ear. "And if you don't beg good enough I swear I will ice you and put you back in that cage." She removes the gag, wiping my saliva off my cheeks.

"Please suck my cock. Please please please. My cock is so hard it hurts. It's hard for you. You own it. It wants you to touch it," I beg as she kisses my neck.

"Good boy," she presses the gag back into my lips. "I can suck you for a little bit. But don't you dare cum."

She teasingly licks me from base to head a few times before mercifully taking me in her mouth. She sucks me straight, to the edge in a matter of minutes before lifting her head up and squeezing the base firmly with her hand.

"Uh uh uh. No cumming for you," she smirks. After I catch a grip on reality, she goes back to sucking me and edging me.

After she edges me this time she stands up off the bed and smirks, grazing her hand over my chest as she walks behind the bed.

She comes back with something in her hand an a devilish smirk. I think she has a cock ring until I realize the bottom of her new toy had a spot for my balls to go in. I stare at her, unsure of what her toy does. Without any warning, she leans down and slides the ring down to the base of my cock and forces my balls through the ring and into their spot in the contraption. When she stands up, my balls are held tightly away from my body and my cock is being squeezed by the ring portion of her toy. I feel like the slightest breeze might send me into orgasm.

She climbs on top of me and kisses the gag. "That toy is called a ball stretcher. One of my favorites because it's almost impossible for you to cum while you're wearing it," she traces her finger over my twitching cock. "But I can still tease that dick and suck it and fuck it," she giggles at my squirming. "Maybe I'll even be able to make you orgasm without cumming," she moans loudly "oh that would be so hot."

"I'm going to fuck you now sweet sweet subbie," her addressing me as "subbie" was equal parts humiliating and arousing.

She lowers herself onto me, one hand around my throat, and the other biting into my chest.

For the next few minutes she rides me, changing the speed and depth around to drive me crazier. She releases my throat and lowers her hand down her body, running it over her engorged clit. I squirm beneath her as she fingers herself. I watch her fingers play with her clit before she pinches my nipple. "Look me in the eyes while I fuck you." I look in her eyes, twinkling with joy as she torments me. "Look me in the eyes while I cum on your dick."

She cums all over my cock and stops moving, just letting me twitch inside of her. I can't look her in the eyes as she grins and bites her lip. She gently smacks my face and giggles. "Thought I said to look me in the eyes."

After a few minutes of playing with my nipples, she boosts herself up with her arms and resumes riding me. I can't help but stare at her breasts, resting tantalizingly on my chest.

She firmly raps her hand around my throat, squeezing until I look her in the eyes. "I guess you don't learn," she giggles smacking my face again. "You look away from my eyes again, I'll choke you. Just like you choked me with your dick earlier."

After a few minutes she cums on my cock again and squeezes my throat as she tenses up. Once she regains herself, she releases her grip on my throat and lifts herself off of me, resting her head on my chest.

My dick is a twitching, throbbing mess as I drip pre cum and squirm. I need to cum so badly.

"How you doing," she smirks looking at my cock dripping. She takes a finger and collects some of my juices off my cock and then sucks them off her finger. "I love seeing you twitch like this. And I have a suspicion that it's exactly what you wanted when you handed me your keys."

She's absolutely right and she knows it, grinning like a child as I drip and drool. She slaps my cock. "I asked you a question. Isn't this what you wanted when you gave me your keys?" I nod as she continues to suck my juices off her finger.

"I know, why do you think I got so dolled up?" she lowers her face so we're eye to eye. "It was such a rush to see your dick twitch in its cage when you saw my outfit. A cage that only I could unlock."

Her teasing is not at all helping my cock. She's definitely done this before. "I love teasing a sexy man like you," she bites my nipple. "But the real question is, do you think I'll let you cum?" she begins fingering her key again. "I mean, you're tied up pretty securely. I could ice you and lock you back up and you couldn't do anything to stop me."

I begin trying to beg around my gag and with my eyes but she gives no indication of her thoughts as she grins at me. Still fingering her key, she slowly pulls the gag out of my mouth "Please let me -" she kisses me deeply, not allowing me to finish my wish.

When she finally pulls away, she's smirking deviously. "I believe you were asking for something before I interrupted."

"Please let me cum!"

"Do you deserve to cum?" she asks. "I mean, I know you WANT to cum, but do you really deserve it?" my expression drops as I begin to think her tease of denial was more than just that. "Do you?" she asks with a more firm voice. I open my mouth but she shoves two fingers in my mouth before I speak. "Before you answer, remember who has the keys to that cage."

I know exactly what she wants me to say when she removes her fingers from my mouth. "I can't decide that. Only you can." I relent, hoping she'll show mercy.

"That's a good boy," she strokes my cock once. "I think you do deserve to cum. You've been a very good boy tonight," she smirks sliding the ball stretcher off of me.

"How would you like to cum?" she grins stuffing her fingers in my mouth. I look up her, pleading with my eyes. "Do you want me to fuck you some more?" She traces one finger over my twitching cock. "Or something new? Do you want me to take your ass?" I shake my head no. "Ok fine, save that for another day." she smirks at my continued struggles and whines. "Do you want me to suck you off?" she grins lowering her face to mine. "Then I'll make you suck your cum out of my mouth."

I continue to squirm as she grins at my twitching cock. She slowly takes her fingers out of my mouth and wipes my saliva off on my chest.

"Please fuck me some more. Please please please let me cum in your pussy."

She presses the gag back into my lips and lifts herself up. She slowly lowers herself back onto me and groans as she takes me in. "You still can't cum until I say so." I nod and just enjoy the feeling of her riding me, knowing I'll be able to explode soon. She caresses my face and sucks me lips around the gag "I cant believe how hard you are. I've never made a dick so stiff before. I feel so powerful and sexy." She giggles and pinches my nipples.

She continues to grind on me, teasingly. "You wanna cum?" I whine into my gag. "Beg me." I try forming words around the gag and plead with my eyes. "That's it. Your eyes are gorgeous when they're pleading. Beneath me, where you belong," she moans into my ear. "I'm gonna count down baby. When I get to zero you can cum inside me."

I whine as she teases me with the allure of an orgasm.



"Eight, seven, six, five."

"Four," she lowers her hand an begins playing with her clit again.



"One," she whimpers into my ear.

"Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven," she fingers her clit. "I fucking love teasing you."

"Ten," she groans as she toys with her clit more.

"Nine," she pulls out the gag and kisses me.

"Eight, seven," she pushes the gag back in.

"Six, five," her breathing picks up as she continues to stroke her clit.

"Four," she sharply inhales.

"Three, two" she moans loudly into my ear.

"One," she pulls the gag out again as I groan.

She moans in my ear as she begins to cum "Zero," she shoves her breasts in my face.

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8 Reply    

This is wonderful. I love the negotiation and back and forth of it. Thank you for sharing your art. 

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1 Reply


Even I would consider going "subbie" for Kaitlyn 🥵🔥🔥 Super hot!! 💕

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1 Reply


this was a good read! thank you for sharing.

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1 Reply


Just beautiful Aussie as always 😘

Her panties in his mouth… I’ve posted a few gifs of that 🤭

You are simply brilliant ❤️

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🖤 Maybe 🖤

🫠 great back and forth.. You are a very talented writer. 

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